Staff & Student Satisfaction Survey with Analysis Report

The EV Network aims to provide transparency into your Staff and Student’s satisfaction with your Organization through assisting you in the administering and analysis of these surveys.

With our Network of Educational Institutions, allow us to provide you with benchmarks to see how your Organization stands as compared to your peers.

Engaging an independent party builds trust as it allows results to be more accurate by reducing response bias. We will provide a full analysis report with suggested recommendations to bring satisfaction to higher levels.

Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices

We provide insights to Industry Data that your Organization would never be able to get.

Dive into Industry Benchmarks for key performance indicators, including staff & student satisfaction, financial indicators like revenue growth and profit margin, student performance indicators like passing rate and graduation rates.

Understand best practices from Organizations that achieve extraordinary results through real life case studies. Let us help adapt the best practices to your Organisation so that you remain competitive in achieving good results and outcomes.

Industry Insights & Research

Having access to key Industry Insights from both the macro and micro views that is only made possible through the EV Network.

Understand where the Industry is today, where it is going and what the future is going to be like. Our researchers dive deeply into key issues and integrate concepts, gifting you a treasure trove and wealth of information and data to lead your Organization to new frontiers.

Advisory and Consultations

Our expertise helps make challenging topics understandable to your organisation.

We will help you to learn and comprehend how information and practices vary across international markets.

With information from many sources like vendors, data, peers and international organisations, making sense of them independently and interactively can be overwhelming. Let us help you synthesise and identify key areas of interest.

Our Members have access to advisory and consultations as we aim to share what we can and what we have.

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